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How to use the on-line calendar
Upton-by-Chester Village Hall
(or for list of the year's major events)

Click here to view calendar of current bookings

The current month is shown initially. Other periods (by week or month) can be shown by selection from popdown menus lower down the page.

On the monthly or weekly pages - meeting room bookings are only denoted as 'MeetingRoom'. All other bookings are for the main Hall.

Placing the cursor over a booking reveals more information incl. duration of booking and 'Meeting Room User'

Use the SEARCH facility (top section on the homepage)to find specific events

NOTE that bookings can NOT be requested or modified on this on-line calendar. Only the Booking Sec / Hall Caretaker / Webmaster have administrative access to change bookings on this calendar.

2020 regular activities are set up during October Note - Commercial and Private casual bookings are only accepted up to four months in advance.