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Booking Enquiries for
Private use of
Upton-by-Chester Village Hall

When a private booking is made - the hirer can restrict attendance to their private requirement (ie event not open to the local community). Private bookings are generally private parties or special interest 'closed' gatherings such as school events or performance practices/rehearsals. We do not offer wedding receptions and similar events.
Private bookings are generally one-offs (casual bookings) - and generally no more than once per year accepted from any one hirer.

Generally the rate for a private booking covers potential use of the full building. Just the meeting room can be hired when appropriate and not conflicting with main hall use - at commercial rate.

See also copy of Hall Rules - Terms & Conditions of booking

PRIVATE DAYTIME PARTIES - this covers 'childrens parties and family parties'

    When the hall is available - we offer Saturday mornings (0900-1300h); Saturday afternoons (1400-1800h) or Sunday afternoons (1400-1800h)
  • These times are inclusive of all set-up and arrival and of all clear-up and leaving.
  • These are charged at 60 hiring fee and 60 deposit - returned if hall left as found and on time
  • Not exceeding 50 children and at least 1 adult to every 8 children. Total maximum capacity 100


    When the hall is available these are offered and charged at commercial rate.


The hall does not have an on-site caretaker and hence these are very restricted
Such events need application by e-mail to stating the following - name/age/address of responsible hirer; maximum number and approx. age distribution; intentions for catering and specifically alcohol consumption; numbers of attendees familiar with Upton Village Hall.
Allow at least 2 weeks for response since several trustees will consider the application. Cost typically 75 but negotiable according to nature of event. Such events cannot generally be offered a booking for the meeting room only.

    We do not take bookings for evening children's & youth parties due to a number of reasons
  • our residential location
  • no on-site caretaker
  • the difficulty the hirer has in controlling attendees (the gatecrashing problem)
  • the likelihood of 'overspill' potentially disturbing neighbours
  • the slippery slope of meeting an escalating demand
  • our past experience prior to this ruling
  • Other venues in the area do offer this.
The New Scene Youth Centre in Newton does accept private party bookings for children up to 13 years of age and up to 9pm at the weekend.