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We now have a new external noticeboard. The key to the locked 'glass' doors is kept in the safe. Organisers can add new notices but please remove outdated items.

Following all our improved insulation we are attempting to get the hall temperature as required. view current settings

follow the story of what work was done on the building during summer shutdown
and on the car park

Our defibrillator is now installed in the main hall - for training contact Sandra or uptonvh@hotmail.co.uk.

Ten years of major upgrades - see how it was and see how we did it

The activities & users pages have been updated - contact uptonvh@hotmail.co.uk if you wish your page to be improved

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next Board meetings 2017 - 24May,16Aug,8Nov. view UVH Board minutes and view UVH AGM minutes.

We were successfully assessed for Hallmark 2 on 13 August and for Hallmark 3 on 3 December 2013. Our renewal assessment is on 25 Jan 2017.

A User Guide A5 booklet dated March 2017 - hardcopy booklet is available in the Hall or on request

We are at 28 Heath Road CH2 1HX
contact on uptonvh@hotmail.co.uk (NB unless the subject line is used the message may be discarded automatically as scam)


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Google Analytical restarted 15 March 2012

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